Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy

A paper based on my 30 May presentation to Gilbert + Tobin has now been published in The Conversation. This comes at a point where an announcement of the Gillard government’s response to the Convergence Review, the ALRC National Classification Review and the Finkelstein Review is apparently immanent, and the Australian Press Council is moving to head off a government news media regulator.

Meanwhile, the saga of A Current Affair offering $60,000 to a sex worker who allegedly had slept with Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson, and ACA running the story even though she had withdrawn the allegation, and her appearance on Today Tonight to tell this story, has given new impetus to those in the Labor caucus who fell that it is time to “get tough” on inaccurate and biased news reporting in Australia. The next few weeks could prove to be very interesting.

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