More on MOOCs

I am endeavouring to keep up to date on the latest discussions about Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). To that extent, I am keeping a set of page links here of the many pieces I find from my social media sources:

Aaron Bady in The New Inquiry

Nathan Heller on Laptop U in The New Yorker

Andrew McGettigan on the scope for MOOCs in UK higher education, in The Guardian

Stephen Caddick, Vice-Provost for Enterprise at of UCL, on MOOCs in the UK

Presentation by Sir John Daniel (first head of the UK Open University) to Korean National Open University.

Concerns about MOOCs as intellectual neo-colonialism from the African Virtual University and others.

David Glance argues that Harvard professors are overstating the threat, and overvaluing current educational delivery models.

I will be keeping this link open and periodically adding new material.

Much of the commentary i will be developing will be in Chapter 10, ‘Transforming Higher Education’ in the 4th Edition of New Media: An Introduction, to be published in early 2014.

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