Two papers on censorship

I presented two papers at the ACADEMIC RESEARCH, NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES AND THE CULTURE OF CONTROL interdisciplinary workshop, at the University of Wollongong from 2-3 October, 2015. The event was hosted by the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, and organised by Mark McLelland and Andrew Whelan.

My public lecture for the Faculty, titled Porn, Censorship, Classification and Free Speech: Global Paradoxes in the Governance of Media Content, can now be downloaded here. The workshop presentation, Regulation Beyond Government: Weber, Foucault and the Liberal Governance of Media Content, can be downloaded here. The latter is likely to be a chapter in a forthcoming book on Youth and Technology: Pleasure and Governance, to be edited by Catherine Driscoll and Liam Grealy.