Crisis Communication in the news

Written by Terry Flew on February 12, 2016

Here is the story that appeared on ABC News to coincide with the launch of our report:

Flew, T., Bruns, A., Burgess, J., Ben-Harush, O., Potter, E. & Newton, J., 2015, Support Frameworks for the Use of Social Media by Emergency Management Organisations – Policy Report, QUT Digital Media Research Centre/Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management.

Co-productions, entertainment media, and Chinese cultural soft power

Written by Terry Flew on January 21, 2016

This is my presentation given to the U.S.-China Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, on 19 January 2016. Thanks to Professor Clayton Dube, US-China Institute Director, for hosting the talk. Thanks also to Professor Ernest Wilson II, Dean of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism for making time available, and to Dr. David Craig for brokering the visit.

A video of the presentation will be available on YouTube shortly. I will link it to this

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The last David Bowie blog post

Written by Terry Flew on January 17, 2016

Like many around the world, David Bowie’s death on 10 January left me feeling a sense of overwhelming grief and loss. There are a lot of things that could be said about the reaction to Bowie’s death, at age 69, and Jean Burgess’s piece in Medium captures nicely the way in which news of Bowie’s death triggered a huge collective response through social media, that was matched by collective gatherings around the world, at streets in Brixton, bars and clubs

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