Mark Scott talk at QUT

Written by Terry Flew on August 15, 2014

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott gave a talk to QUT Journalism, Media and Communication students today. Brian McNair has summarised some of the main themes here, and The Australian has published the talk in full:


The Opportunities are Many

It’s good to be here today at QUT and to see so many journalism and communications students as well.

For this particular generation of media students there are just two

certainties — if, for a moment, we’re happy to

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How to get published

Written by Terry Flew on August 12, 2014

Presentation on “How to get published – some strategies and successes”, CI Faculty Research Seminar, 12 August 2014

Terry Flew, Professor of Media and Communication, Queensland University of Technology

I will begin with two seemingly obvious but nonetheless important observations on the subject of “How to get published”. The first, which struck me as soon as a re-read the title, is to have something interesting and important to say. This means thinking about the corpus of things that you know, and identifying

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