Digital Media Law, Regulation and Governance

Written by Terry Flew on June 15, 2015

My keynote presentation to the Universitas 21 Graduate Research Symposium at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on June 12 can be accessed here.

My thanks to Professor Li Benqian, Head of the School of Media and Design at SJTU for the generous invitation to present. Thanks also to the other keynote speakers, Bill Dutton and Monroe Price, and to the 40 students from ten countries, as well as the SJTU volunteers, who made it such a wonderful event.

Slides form the

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Foucault, Weber, Neoliberalism and the Politics of Governmentality

Written by Terry Flew on April 27, 2015

This is my blog post that appeared on the Theory, Culture & Society blog on 27 April 2015.

The publication of The Birth of Biopolitics in 2008, which was the translation into English of Michael Foucault’s 1978-79 lectures at the College de France, has generated an important body of scholarship that has sought to engage the themes of Foucault’s lectures in light of contemporary concerns. The timeliness of this publication was seen by many to arise from its contemporary relevance.

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What is the Digital Economy?

Written by Terry Flew on April 23, 2015

I had the opportunity tonight to attend the launch of the new PwC Chair in Digital Economy at QUT. The Chair, which is the first of its kind in Australia, is funded by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Marketing, and the Queensland State Government Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.

Professor Rowena Barrett in the School of Management (QUT Business School) and Professor Michael Rosemann in the School of Information Systems (Science and Engineering Faculty) have bene the intellectual

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