Grants and Awards

Australian Research Council Grants

Current Projects


Australian Research Council Linkage-Projects Grant

Social Media in Times of Crisis: Learning from Recent Natural Disasters to Improve Future Strategies
$188,000 awarded over three years (2012-2014)

With Associate Professor Axel Bruns (QUT, First Chief Investigator), Dr. Jean Burgess (QUT) and Associate Professor Kate Crawford (Microsoft Research)

Industry Partners: Queensland Department of Community Services, EIDOS Institute, Sociomantic Labs.

This project is analysing and evaluating how social media can be used by emergency authorities, media organisations and citizens in crisis situations, including natural disasters, and developing a framework for longer-term strategies for public communication during emergencies.

ARC Projects where I have been Research Leader


Australian Research Council Discovery-Projects Grant

Creative Suburbia: A Critical Evaluation of the Scope for Creative Cultural Development in Australia’s Suburban and Peri-Urban Communities

$333,000 awarded over three years (2008-2010).

With Professor Philip Graham (QUT), Dr. Christy Collis (QUT), Dr. Emma Felton (QUT), Dr. Mark Gibson (Monash University) and Anna Daniel (Monash University).

This cross-institutional project undertook qualitative research with creative workers in outer suburban locations in Brisbane (Redcliffe, Springfield and Forest Lake) and Melbourne (Frankston, Dandenong and Caroline Springs).

A major two-day symposium was held at QUT in Brisbane on 29-30 September, 2010 with over 50 attendees from government, industry, urban planning, the community arts sector as well as the universities. Papers have been presented at leading international conferences, including the Association for Cultural Studies Crossroads 2010 conference at Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR, where two panel sessions were convened.

Publication outcomes include: T, Flew (ed.), Creative Industries and Urban Development: Creative Cities for the 21st Century (Routledge, 2012); ‘Creative Suburbia’ special issue of International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 15 No. 4, July 2012; special issue of M/C Journal (’suburb’), published in August 2011; and a special issue of The Information Society, Vol. 26 No. 2, April 2010.


Australian Research Council Linkage-Project Grant

Investigating Innovative Applications of Digital Media for Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement in Australian Public Communication

$382,000 awarded over three years (2006-2009).

With Prof. Stuart Cunningham (QUT), Associate Professor Axel Bruns (QUT), Mr. Graham Young, Ms. Georgina McClean (until 2009), Mr. Bruce Meagher, Ms. Susanna Larsen (from 2009).

Industry Partners: Special Broadcasting Service, Cisco Systems Australia and New Zealand, The Brisbane Institute (withdrew 2009), The National Forum.

As leader of this collaborative research team, I oversaw development of the You Decide 2007 citizen journalism web site developed for the 2007 Australian Federal election. This site was identified by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) as an exemplar of community engagement in the digital economy, in its Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions final report, published in July 2009. I was also the principal Australian advisor to an OECD report on News in the Internet Age: New Trends in News Publishing, published in 2010.

Project outputs included 11 book chapters, 12 refereed academic journal articles, and 21 refereed academic conference papers. Other impact measures of the project included: a six-week television program on Brisbane community TV station Briz 31 during 2007 (You Decide TV); presentations to SBS staff on user-generated content; completion of an MA (Research) thesis by Ms. Heidi Lenffer jointly supervised with Georgie McClean from SBS; a blog site on ABC Unleashed (“Club Bloggery”); and a submission to the Review of National Broadcasting.

Other ARC Projects


Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Internationalising Creative Industries: the WTO, China and the Knowledge-Based Economy

$343,033 over three years (2003-2005)

With Prof. John Hartley (First Chief Investigator), Stuart Cunningham, Stephanie Donald, Michael Keane and Christina Spurgeon.

This project led to special issues of International Journal of Cultural Studies (2006) and Chinese Journal of Communication (2009).


Australian Research Council Linkage-Project Grant

QUT/Kids Help Line Web-based Interactive Counselling Project

$143,000 over two years (2001-2002)

With Stuart Cunningham (First Chief Investigator), Richard Jones, Wendy Reid, Yoni Ryan, Robert Taylor).

This project was highly commended at the Australian Innovation Festival in May 2003, and at HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) on the Hill, the inaugural event of the Council for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS), at Parliament House, Canberra, June 2004.


ARC International Researcher Exchange (IREX) Grant

The World Trade Organisation, Trade in Audiovisual Services and the Internationalisation of Media Governance

$9,600 over one year (2001)

With Stuart Cunningham, Tom O’Regan, Andrew Calabrese (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA) and Christina Spurgeon.

ARC Centres and Networks


Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence

ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation

$5.9 million awarded over five years (2010-2014) (NB: successful re-bid – funding first awarded in 2005).

Centre Director: Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) is the first ARC Centre of Excellence in the arts and humanities in Australia, and is a broadly-based, cross- disciplinary, internationally-focused centre embracing both fundamental theoretical and highly applied research in media, cultural and communication studies, law, education, economics and business and IT, addressing key problems and opportunities arising for Australia from innovation in both the creative economy and the broader service economy.

In the CCI, I am a Chief Investigator responsible for the Convergent Media Policy research node. I am also engaged with the Asian Creative Transformations and Mapping the Pro-Am Interface work programs.


Australian Research Council Research Networks

ARC Cultural Research Network.

$1.75 million awarded over five years (2005-2009).

Network Convenor: Professor Graeme Turner, University of Queensland.

The ARC Cultural Research Network was established to responds to the centrality of culture as the focus of cutting edge humanities and social science research by developing research projects dealing with new media and cultural technologies, cultural histories, geographies and identities. It involved 59 researchers from 18 Australian universities, and worked from a disciplinary base in cultural, media, and communications studies to build collaborative links with researchers from cultural history, cultural geography, cultural anthropology and creative industries.

I was primarily engaged with the Cultural Technologies node of the CRN, convened by Prof. Gerard Goggin (UNSW) and Dr. Christy Collis (QUT), and received CRN support for a pre-conference event for postgraduates and early career researchers at the ANZCA Conference held at QUT in Brisbane, July 7-10, 2009.

Other Industry and Public Sector Grants


Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Evaluation and Investigations Program

The Business of Borderless Education

$112,000 (with Stuart Cunningham, Yoni Ryan, Lawrence Stedman, Suellen Tapsall, Kerry Bagdon and Peter Coaldrake)


Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs

New Media and Borderless Education

$78,000 (with Stuart Cunningham, Suellen Tapsall, Yoni Ryan, Lawrence Stedman and Kerry Bagdon).

Co-operative Research Centre Funding


Smart Services Co-operative Research Centre

New Media Services– Work Program Leader
$202,240 (with Christy Collis, Christina Spurgeon, Tanya Nitins, Stephen Harrington and Brian McNair). Industry Partner: Fairfax Digital.


Smart Services Co-operative Research Centre

New Media Services– Work Program Leader

$151,500 (with Axel Bruns, Christy Collis, Christina Spurgeon, Edwina Luck and Larry Neale). Industry Partners: Fairfax Digital, Infosys, RACQ, Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum).


Smart Services Co-operative Research Centre

Audience and Market Foresight – Work Program Leader

$126,000 (with Axel Bruns, Christy Collis, Christina Spurgeon, Edwina Luck and Larry Neale). Industry Partners: Fairfax Digital, Sensis.

Other Grants


QUT Strategic Partnerships Grant – Digital Rights Management

$265,000 over two years – Cross-Faculty collaborative project with Faculties of Information Technology and Law (with Professors Bill Caelli (FIT), Ed Dawson (FIT) and Brian Fitzgerald (Law)). Produced special issue of Media and Arts Law Review Vol. 10 No. 4, “Creative Commons and the Creative Industries”.


QUT Small Research Grant: The Culture of Services: A Pilot Study into Networked Enterprises in Convergent Services Industries, $7,000

Other Investigators: Dr. Christina Spurgeon and Professor Greg Hearn.


QUT Australian Technology Network Grant

The GATS, the internationalisation of media content, and audio-visual policy making in the United States, Australia and China

$11,000 (with Christina Spurgeon and Michael Keane)


QUT Scholarship in the Professions Grant

Cultural Diversity in Australian Television Drama

$17,500 (with Christina Spurgeon, Harvey May and Marion Jacka)


Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy

Public Broadcasting in Transition: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Convergence

$5,710 (with Stuart Cunningham, Christina Spurgeon, Julian Thomas and Sharon Tickle)