Leadership in Research Commercialisation

I have since 2007 taken a leadership role in the Smart Services Co-operative Research Centre (SS CRC), as Work Program Leader of Audience & Market Foresight (AMF) work program in 2008-2009, and the New Media Services work program in 2009-2011. The Smart Services CRC was awarded $30.6 million in DEST funding in December 2006, with an additional $21.7 million derived from industry, public sector and university funding, for a seven-year (2008-2014) commercially focused collaborative research initiative, developing innovation, foresight and productivity improvements for the services sector. I was responsible for managing $594,520 in CRC funding (classified as National Competitive Grant income under ARC Category 4) through these projects during 2007-2011.

Industry partners involved in the Audience & Market Foresight and New Media Services work programs have included Fairfax Digital, Sensis, Australian Museum, Infosys, RACQ, the Australian Museum, and the Powerhouse Museum. Other participating universities in these work programs have included RMIT University, the University of Wollongong, and Swinburne University, as well as the Faculties of Business, Creative Industries and Science & Technology at QUT.

My primary responsibility in 2009 was to develop a Digital Media Foresight analysis for Sensis, and lead a study into online user behaviour towards news and information for Fairfax Digital, with particular reference to young people and online news. In 2010, the major project for Fairfax Digital was to consider likely take up of the Apple iPad and how it will be used, and the preparedness within Fairfax to respond to challenges presented by the iPad and tablet PCs as new means of receiving news and information. In 2011, a user-led online travel journalism site, Staywild, was developed as a prototype for Fairfax.