Research Higher Degree Supervisions

Completed Students
Danny Boey (Singapore) PhD 2012 The Culture-specificity of Horror Sources in Asian Horror Cinema
Bonnie Liu Rui (China) PhD 2011 Competition and Innovation: Independent Television Companies in China
Molly Hankwitz PhD 2011 Cities and wireless media: Social constructions of space and identity
Grant Collins MA (Res) 2010 Documentary & the Era of Post Production: Producing with the catalyst that is VFX (PhD by Creative Work – produced documentary video Making Waves)
Heidi Lenffer MA (Res) 2009 User-generated content and public broadcasters: Case Study of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Vicki Chichuan Chiu (Taiwan) PhD 2009 A Study of Entrepreneurship: Taiwanese Digital Content Companies in China
Mark Ryan PhD 2009 A Dark New World: Producing contemporary Australian horror films
Tanya Notley PhD 2009 Young people, social agency and ‘digital inclusion’: Establishing Creative Online Networks in Queensland, Australia.
Stephen Harrington PhD 2009 Form and Function: The Other ‘Side’ of contemporary Australian News
Tania Lim (Singapore) PhD 2006 Global Cities, Local Knowledge: Formatting and Change in East Asian Television Industries
Sal Humphreys PhD 2006 Massively Multiplayer Online Games: Productive Players and their disruptions to conventional media practices
Harvey May PhD 2004 Australian Multicultural Policy and Television Drama in Comparative Contexts
Kenneth Seah (Singapore) MA 2005 Flexibly Delivered Learning for Higher Education: Comparing Australia and Singapore
Gillian Ching MA (Res) 1999 Influence of the Media in Framing Policy Debates: The Case of Gun Law Reform after the Port Arthur Shootings
David Russell M.Bus(Res) 1998 Discourses of the ‘Information Society’
Angela Lin Huang (China) PhD (2008 – present) A Study of Beijing’s Competitive Advantage as an Emergent Media Capital
  • Seiko Yasumoto PhD (2008 – present) Re-Made in Asia: Transformation, pan-Asian Markets and Popular Culture
  • Abdullah Khayrallah (Kuwait) (2006 – present) Kuwait Television: New Window on the World (being revised after examiners’ reports)
  • Under Examination
    Current Students
    Falk Hartig (Germany) PhD 2010 – present Cultural Institutes as a trailblazer for China’s export of culture: How China uses its cultural institutes to pave the way for cultural exports and present a specifically Chinese variety of globalisation