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Copyright Laws and Developing Countries

Written by Terry Flew on November 29, 2013

Reposted from Polity independent Blog.

There has been a major international debate in recent years about whether creative industries provide new opportunities for developing countries to benefit economically from their abundant cultural resources. Studies such as UNCTAD’s Creative Economy reports, as well as UNESCO’s Creative Economy 2013 report, have identified ways in which the creative industries offer new opportunities for culturally sustainable economic development.

I discuss these policies in my book Global Creative Industries. UNCTAD recommends understanding cultural policy in developing

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Social Media in Times of Crisis

Written by Terry Flew on November 18, 2013

I presented on the uses of social media such as Twitter by emergency management officials and media at the International Communications Association Regional Conference in Shanghai, China. The paper can be accessed here. There was a slight delay in posting due to the overzealous management of social media in the PRC, which extends to the incendiary media that is Powerpoint.

Ica shanghai presentation nov 13 from Terry Flew

Josef Trappel presentation

Written by Terry Flew on November 6, 2013

Josef Trappel talk to CCI, 6 November 2013
Director, ICT&S Centre, University of Salzburg, Austria
Work Program Leader, Innovation in Cultural and Creative Institutions (ICCI)

* Transforming public representation e.g. quality of news
* Providing opportunities for enhanced democratic practices
* Shifting institutional arrangements in creative, cultural and media industries (social value chain)

Innovation models
* incremental
* disruptive/radical
* soft innovation

Media for Democracy Monitor – do media (both legacy/new) deliver what democracies need?