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Creative Industries – A New Development Pathway

Written by Terry Flew on March 19, 2014

My recently published paper for Intermedia can be accessed here. It is based on my Global Creative Industries book (Polity, 2013). The content of the piece is provided below for those unable to access Intermedia, which is a subscription publication for members of the International Institute of Communication.

Global Creative Industries: A New Development Pathway

Terry Flew

There has been much talk over the last two decades about creative industries and the rise of a creative economy. The term “creative industries” had

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Remembering the Anti-Apartheid Struggle

Written by Terry Flew on December 6, 2013

With Nelson Mandela’s death today, there is a need to remember what the anti-apartheid struggle was all about. While Meredith Burgmann provided an account of how it developed in the 1970s, much of the action was in the 1980s.

Aspects of that struggle can be forgotten, such as how central the trade unions were, or how most on the conservative side of politics were opposed to sanctions against apartheid South Africa (with some honourable exceptions, such as Malcolm Fraser). A

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Copyright Laws and Developing Countries

Written by Terry Flew on November 29, 2013

Reposted from Polity independent Blog.

There has been a major international debate in recent years about whether creative industries provide new opportunities for developing countries to benefit economically from their abundant cultural resources. Studies such as UNCTAD’s Creative Economy reports, as well as UNESCO’s Creative Economy 2013 report, have identified ways in which the creative industries offer new opportunities for culturally sustainable economic development.

I discuss these policies in my book Global Creative Industries. UNCTAD recommends understanding cultural policy in developing

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