Patchwork Nation

Written by Terry Flew on October 17, 2008

I’m not usually a reader of the Christian Science Monitor, but they have developed a really interesting angle on the 2008 U.S. election through the ‘Patchwork Nation‘ site. What it does is divide up the various counties and populations of the United States into 11 categories, and have a person blog about how the campaign is being viewed in a city or county that is representative of the whole.

The eleven categories, which have roughly proportionate shares of the U.S. population,

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… and then there’s blogging

Written by Terry Flew on September 18, 2008

Some context: Rick has been laid off after 35 years as National Affairs reporter for The Washington Post as the office is downsized.

Jay Rosen on the Sarah Palin strategy

Written by Terry Flew on September 8, 2008

NYU professor Jay Rosen on the US Republican party’s media strategy arising from the Sarah Palin Vice-Presidential nomination:

PressThink, by Jay Rosen

September 3, 2008

The Palin Convention and the Culture War Option

John McCain’s convention gambit calls for culture war around the Sarah Palin pick. And now The Politico is reporting just that: Palin reignites culture wars. An option is forming. This is my attempt to describe it before her big speech in St. Paul.

“She’s from a small town, with small-town values —

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