Farewell to Michael Keane

Written by Terry Flew on February 15, 2015

Below is a statement I prepared to farewell my friend and colleague of 14 years, Michael Keane, as he prepares to depart to Curtin university in WA. It can also be found on the Asian Creative Transformations site.

With this being the last issue of the Asia-Pacific Creative Landing Pad being produced out of QUT, it is appropriate to say something about the First Officer of the Flight Crew, Captain Michael Keane.

From his arrival, it was always clear that Michael

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Emerging Internet Nations

Written by Terry Flew on October 11, 2013

Emerging Internet Nations

William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, IIC Conference, 10 October 2013

Centre of gravity of Internet world has changes to Asia – now 45% of world Internet users (30% in 2002); North America now 15% of world Internet users (37% in 2002)
Most dramatic changes in the Internet are now social rather than technological
Report with World Economic Forum, The New Internet World (2011)
– convergence of values around freedom of expression, privacy etc. – users in newly adopting nations

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The Cultural Revolution

Written by Terry Flew on November 19, 2012

A colleague noted today that there is some academic enthusiasm for the Cultural Revolution in China, being viewed at a time where a generation of cultural producers had a degree of influence and autonomy that they now no longer have in the Chinese market economy.

In this respect, I was reminded of this encounter from 1979 between Deng Xiaoping and Shirley MacLaine, recounted in John McMillan’s book, Reinventing the Bazaar: A Natural History of Markets (pp. 96-97):

Some in the West

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