Live Blogging at IGNITE ’08

Written by Terry Flew on October 2, 2008

I am at the IGNITE ’08 postgraduate conference being held for Creative Industries students at QUT.

Debra Adams has completed her presentation on citizen journalism. Key points in the Q&A; were:

are citizen journalists more biased than professional journalists in their presentation of information? – maybe, depends on what you mean by bias
are Australian newsrooms more closed to participation than those in Britain (my question) – yes, but it is also the case that the BBC is quite a different type of

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Presentation to CPRF 2008

Written by Terry Flew on September 30, 2008

2008 CPRF Presentation

2008 CPRF Presentation

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Presentation with Jason Wilson to 2008 Communications Policy Research Forum, UTS, Sydney, 29-30 September. The full paper can be found here.

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Journalism as Social Networking

Written by Terry Flew on July 31, 2008

Jason Wilson and I have just completed a paper that has been sent to Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism titled “Journalism as Social Networking: The Australian youdecide2007 project and the 2007 Federal election.” The paper is available here for downloading and comments would be welcome.

This paper considers through the youdecide2007 case study on the 2007 Australian Federal election some of the work issues involved in developing and managing a citizen journalism Web site. This includes a discussion on the limits

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