Media Classification

Written by Terry Flew on July 3, 2012

My summary paper of the ALRC National Classification Review, titled “Media Classification: Content Regulation and the Challenge of Convergent Media“, has now been published by Media International Australia.

The abstract is below:

This article outlines the key recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of the National Classification Scheme, as outlined in its report Classification – Content Regulation and Convergent Media (ALRC, 2012). It identifies key contextual factors that underpin the need for reform of media classification laws and policies,

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Four media policy enquiries and no political funeral

Written by Terry Flew on June 20, 2012

Presentation to the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney, 21 June, 2012. The draft paper will be available shortly.

Uws ics presentation 21 june 2012

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Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy

Written by Terry Flew on June 11, 2012

A paper based on my 30 May presentation to Gilbert + Tobin has now been published in The Conversation. This comes at a point where an announcement of the Gillard government’s response to the Convergence Review, the ALRC National Classification Review and the Finkelstein Review is apparently immanent, and the Australian Press Council is moving to head off a government news media regulator.

Meanwhile, the saga of A Current Affair offering $60,000 to a sex worker who allegedly had slept

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