Internet downloading increasing in Australia

Written by Terry Flew on May 28, 2009

The Age reports that the use of Interent downloading of movies, TV, music etc. in Australia is on the increase, and the economic downturn seems to be a factor. Note the quote from Sony Entertainment, which points to the prevalence of “two cultures” in the entertainment media industry about the Internet and the future of providing content to audiences.

Hundreds of thousands more Australians have turned to illegal download sites in the past year to save money on movies, music,

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The Google Settlement

Written by Terry Flew on March 1, 2009

A very popular satirical site is Stuff White People Like. Stuff White People Like focuses on the preoccupations of American white left-liberals, such as farmers’ markets, Toyota Pruises, not watching television, black music that black people no longer listen to (jazz, the blues, “old school” rap), supporting Barack Obama, and threatening to move to Canada.

One thing that White People Like is Hating Corporations (#82):

One of the more popular white person activities of the past fifteen years is attempting to educate

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Valuing Australian copyright industries

Written by Terry Flew on December 24, 2008

A report released last month by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Australian Copyright Council, titled Making the Intangible Tangible, the Economic Contribution of Australia’s Copyright Industries, found that Australia’s copyright industries in 2007:

• employed more than 837,000 people (8 percent of the nation’s workforce) – up 21 percent since 1996;• generated $97.7 billion in economic activity (10.3 percent of GDP) – up 66 percent since 1996; and• accounted for $6.8 billion in exports (4.1 percent of

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