HASS on the Hill Day 1

Written by Terry Flew on March 22, 2011

HASS on the Hill – Parliament House Canberra 22-23 March 2011

Keynote Addresses

* Professor Ian Young, Vice-Chancellor, Australian National University

– risks in current climate: perception that educational reform is done; what will be the destinations of Australia’s educated graduates?
– impact of high $A and mining boom on other export industries e.g. Education
– can Australia learn from other small economies on how to sustain growth, such as the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands – needs R&D investments and public investment in higher

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UNCTAD Creative Economy 2010

Written by Terry Flew on December 17, 2010

The 2010 Creative Economy Report has now been released by the United Nations Committee on Trade, Aid and Development (UNCTAD). It follows the highly influential UNCTAD Creative Economy 2008 study, that proposed creative industries as providing new development options for less developed and emergent economies. The new report continues those themes, and relates them to questions of sustainability and “green jobs”.

The foreword to the report is below:

A new development paradigm is emerging that links the economy and culture, embracing

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Valuing Australian copyright industries

Written by Terry Flew on December 24, 2008

A report released last month by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Australian Copyright Council, titled Making the Intangible Tangible, the Economic Contribution of Australia’s Copyright Industries, found that Australia’s copyright industries in 2007:

• employed more than 837,000 people (8 percent of the nation’s workforce) – up 21 percent since 1996;• generated $97.7 billion in economic activity (10.3 percent of GDP) – up 66 percent since 1996; and• accounted for $6.8 billion in exports (4.1 percent of

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