Economics in crisis

Written by Terry Flew on July 24, 2009

The Economist contains an article on the crisis of economics in the wake of the global financial crisis. Its particular reference points are macroeconomics and financial economics, and in particular the “rational expectations” school and the “efficient markets hypothesis“. The critiques of Paul Krugman and Brad de Long, amoing others, have been developed in the Australian context by economist and blogger John Quiggan.

OF ALL the economic bubbles that have been pricked, few have burst more spectacularly than the reputation of

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The End of Fortress Journalism

Written by Terry Flew on July 20, 2009

Peter Horrocks, Director of the BBC World Service, has contributed to a collection of papers published by the BBC on The Future of Journalism. The full report can be accessed from the link provided, but a sample of what he refers to as the “end of fortress journalism” can be found below.

Most journalists have grown up with a fortress mindset. They have lived and worked in proud institutions with thick walls. Their daily knightly task has been simple: to battle

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Aged News?

Written by Terry Flew on June 13, 2009

Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show is already writing the obituary for newspapers. Check the question here about whether the New York Times only has “aged news”, and the Woodward and Bernstein questions.

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