Culture and the Creative Industries in Australia

Written by Terry Flew on May 28, 2011

The paper that I will be presenting to the 3rd China Trade in Services Congress in Beijing, titled “Culture and the Creative Industries in Australia”, can be accessed here. The paper draws upon ideas developed in my forthcoming book The Creative Industries, Culture and Policy, to be published by Sage in November 2011.

Excerpts from the paper are provided below:

The conclusion that emerges from the Australian case is that the case for support for cultural production and cultural infrastructure has

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Cultural and Creative Industries around the world

Written by Terry Flew on January 23, 2011

New clearing house site from UNESCO bringing together research on cultural and creative industries around the world. They welcome advice on other research reports available.

This site is a unique gateway to online resources on the culture and creative industries around the world.

By clicking on a region of the interactive world map (on the left of the screen), access the biggest online hub of studies, reports, surveys and mapping documents.

This hub also gathers numerous multi-country and international resources.

The large majority of

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Globalization and Suburbanization

Written by Terry Flew on October 11, 2010

Presentation to 5th Creative China, Harmonious World International Conference on Cultural Industries, Minzu Hotel, Beijing, 9 October, 2010. Hosted by the Institute for Cultural Industries, Communication University of China, and Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology