Answering your own question

Written by Terry Flew on June 1, 2008

Big opportunity for media scholars from Geraldine Ferraro, in The Boston Globe. In Australia, you would package this in the form of an ARC Linkage. Problem is that I think the ‘industry partner’ has determined the answer before asking for the research.

Healing the wounds of Democrats’ sexism

By Geraldine A. Ferraro May 30, 2008

LAST YEAR at the beginning of the presidential primary

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Is America going backwards economically?

Written by Terry Flew on May 9, 2008

Aside from the Democrat primaries, the major talking point in the U.S. this week is whether the United States is losing ground in the global economy. This is different to the question of whether or not the U.S. economy is in recession (or ‘slowdown’ as GWB prefers to put it), but is rather about whether the U.S. is losing the competitive race against the emergent economies of East Asia and the Middle East, and indeed to Europe.

Two triggers to this

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Things you didn’t know about voting in Indiana

Written by Terry Flew on May 7, 2008

Continuing my theme on the Indiana Democratic Party primaries, I thought I would share some information about how voting happens here:

People vote for delegates individually. You receive a ballot paper with the names of all prospective Democrat nominees to the party convention, and choose 56 of them. The paper is about seven pages long. There is not the option, as the is with the Senate in Australia, of putting a one at the top of the paper allowing your candidate

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