Digital Media Law, Regulation and Governance

Written by Terry Flew on June 15, 2015

My keynote presentation to the Universitas 21 Graduate Research Symposium at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on June 12 can be accessed here.

My thanks to Professor Li Benqian, Head of the School of Media and Design at SJTU for the generous invitation to present. Thanks also to the other keynote speakers, Bill Dutton and Monroe Price, and to the 40 students from ten countries, as well as the SJTU volunteers, who made it such a wonderful event.

Slides form the

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Moscow Readings student interviews

Written by Terry Flew on December 23, 2014

Here is video of an interview I did with journalism students at Moscow State University in October 2014 on trends in media economics and the impact of digital technologies. It can also be found here.

The end of solitude

Written by Terry Flew on October 2, 2014

An excellent summary of day 1 of the Digital Transformations, Social Media Engagement and the Asian Century conference at QUT has been prepared by James Dillon, and can be found here. This conference was an International Communications Association regional conference held in Brisbane from 1-3 October 2014.