The Australian Media Reaction to WikiLeaks

Written by Terry Flew on October 6, 2011

A special issue of Global Media Journal – Australian Edition on ‘Wikileaks: journalism and the 21st Century Mediascape‘ is now out. It has papers by Christian Fuchs, Rod Tiffen, A. J. Brown, Lisa Lynch, Randal Marlin, Suelette Dreyfus and Josh Rosner on wikileaks from multiple perpectives. It also has the paper by Bonnie Liu Rui and myself, “Globally Networked Public Spheres? The Australian Media Reaction to WikiLeaks” available for downloading.


The global release of 250,000 US Embassy diplomatic cables to

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Who will pay for online news?

Written by Terry Flew on August 27, 2009

With the revenue downturn for Fairfax Media being announced on Monday, I got the call from Ashley Hall at the ABC’s PM program to give my opinion. At 2.45pm I may not have been sure that I had an opinion, but the nature of the relationship between news journalists and academics is that it would be good for all concerned if you could get an opinion, and give that to us to put on air. With Crikey publisher Eric Beecher

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Economists on pay-per-view online print news

Written by Terry Flew on August 10, 2009

Tyler Cowen has provided an interesting economist’s perspective on the plans of Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation to start charging subscription fees for online news. He doesn’t think that it will work, but can recognise that on this occasion the capacity of news proprietors to collude around common business interests will have an impact. He does think that public service media will come into their own as providers of free, quality news content.

This time around plausibly all the major newspapers

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