The End of Fortress Journalism

Written by Terry Flew on July 20, 2009

Peter Horrocks, Director of the BBC World Service, has contributed to a collection of papers published by the BBC on The Future of Journalism. The full report can be accessed from the link provided, but a sample of what he refers to as the “end of fortress journalism” can be found below.

Most journalists have grown up with a fortress mindset. They have lived and worked in proud institutions with thick walls. Their daily knightly task has been simple: to battle

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Democracy, Participation and Convergent Media

Written by Terry Flew on July 16, 2009

Democracy, Participation and Convergent Media: Case Studies in Contemporary News Journalism in Australia

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The Economist on the future of news media

Written by Terry Flew on May 19, 2009

Good analysis from The Economist about the future of news media:

The internet is killing newspapers and giving birth to a new sort of news business

THE race is crowded, but San Francisco stands a fair chance of becoming the first major American city without a daily newspaper. The San Francisco Chronicle, founded in 1865, is trimming its already pared-down staff in an attempt to avoid closure. And if it does disappear? “People under 30 won’t even notice,” says Gavin

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