New UNCTAD database on global cultural trade

Written by Terry Flew on August 20, 2008

UNCTAD has just announced the launch of a global Database on Global Trade in Creative Products. This should provide vital empirical data on longstanding debates about globalization, culture and trade. UNCTAD describes it in these terms.

The databank is intended for use by governments, businesses, academia, the media, international institutions, and members of the creative community, including independent artists and creators. It comprises factual data by country or region on some 235 products in the categories of arts and crafts, the

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Beyond Globalization

Written by Terry Flew on August 11, 2008

Below is my presentation to the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies at Monash University in a very wintry Melbourne.

It generated a very lively discussion, particularly round the question of whether I underestimate the role of conscious global agency in management of the world-system, as argued by Hardt & Negri and by Immanuel Wallerstein.

There was also an interesting question asked by Professor Sung Gwan Park from the Seoul National University, Korea, about whether comparable global data exists on media

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ICA Presentation, and more on Neoliberalism

Written by Terry Flew on May 25, 2008

I presented my ICA paper this morning in Montreal. Too many paper, not enough time, as tends to happen at ICA, with six papers in just over one hour. The paper was called “Rethinking Global Media: Creative Diversity and Media Dispersal”. The final paper will be sent to the International Journal of Communication shortly, but a draft is available from the ICA web site. An earlier version presented in Seoul last year can be found at the QUT ePrints web

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