Converged Communication: Are we there yet?

Written by Terry Flew on October 10, 2013

International Institute of Communication
Shaping the Policy Agenda

London Conference 9-10 October 2013

Trends in Global Communication – Converged Communication: Are We There Yet?

Ed Richards, Chief Executive, Ofcom, UK

What are you trying to achieve? – question to regulators from business

Rise of global “league table-ism”

Better to understand specificities of markets – typically (but not always) national – than to draw up global league tables

Six ideas for improvement:

1. Ubiquitous connectivity and universal minimum connectivity- fixed and mobile
2. More and better innovation- relationship between spectrum, networks

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Problems of measuring media concentration

Written by Terry Flew on October 7, 2013

Below are my notes on a presentation to MA students in the Department of Sociology Guest Speaker series at City University, London, by Professor Richard Collins on “Measuring and Mitigating Media Concentration”.

Richard’s slides are available here, and can be freely used. They are also downloadable from the City University link above. His talk was based on a paper co-authored with Martin Cave, “Media pluralism and the overlapping instruments needed to achieve it”, that was published in Telecommunications Policy (Vol.

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