ICA Presentation, and more on Neoliberalism

Written by Terry Flew on May 25, 2008

I presented my ICA paper this morning in Montreal. Too many paper, not enough time, as tends to happen at ICA, with six papers in just over one hour. The paper was called “Rethinking Global Media: Creative Diversity and Media Dispersal”. The final paper will be sent to the International Journal of Communication shortly, but a draft is available from the ICA web site. An earlier version presented in Seoul last year can be found at the QUT ePrints web

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Written by Terry Flew on May 24, 2008

At the ICA conference today I attended an interesting interactive panel discussion on the future of television studies as the form of television changes – from out of the box to computers, phones, iPod etc.

One thing that struck me at this session, and indeed at other sessions, is how the term “neoliberalism” has become an all-purpose catch-all phrase for any development over the last 30 years about which the speaker disapproves.

While this wasn’t what the panel did, it came up

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