Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy

Written by Terry Flew on June 11, 2012

A paper based on my 30 May presentation to Gilbert + Tobin has now been published in The Conversation. This comes at a point where an announcement of the Gillard government’s response to the Convergence Review, the ALRC National Classification Review and the Finkelstein Review is apparently immanent, and the Australian Press Council is moving to head off a government news media regulator.

Meanwhile, the saga of A Current Affair offering $60,000 to a sex worker who allegedly had slept

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The Future of Journalism

Written by Terry Flew on April 15, 2011

Industry Conversations – Future of Journalism in Australia 15 April, 2011, QUT

Brian McNair opened the event by making reference to Tom Rosenstiel’s thoughts, discussed by Rouy Greenslade in The Guardian, about the “Five Myths about the Future of Journalism”

Michael Crutcher, Editor, Courier-Mail

* decline in circulation 2006-2010 – sharpest for Saturday papers
* BUT online hits have surged
* journalism is about storytelling, and there has never been more demand for this – credibility of sources continues to matter
* restructuring the newsroom for

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Brian McNair presentation at QUT 11 March 2011

Written by Terry Flew on March 11, 2011

Brian McNair Professorial Presentation 11 March 2011

* massive expansion in the amount of news/journalism available
* from information scarcity to surplus
* 80s: research method premised on journalism as a mechanism of ideological control – elite dominance/ideological control – Glasgow University Media Group had real influence in UK media debates
* news as weather – there are patterns, but they are hard to predict, and rapid shifts occur without being predicted eg. Current events in North Africa
* media structures and business models being

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