Digital Directions 2011

Written by Terry Flew on March 3, 2011

I attended the Digital Directions 2011 forum at Walsh Bay Wharf in Sydney today. As in the previous three years, X|Media|Lab and Fairfax Digital put on a fantastic event. Below are some notes made on the iPad – out for its first journey without an accompanying laptop since I got it – before I had to leave at lunch time.

Jack Matthews, CEO, Metropolitan Media, Fairfax Media
* event had 60% Fairfax attendees; 40% others

Greg Hywood, CEO, Fairfax Media
* 1 million

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What will the Apple iPad deliver for newspapers?

Written by Terry Flew on November 22, 2010

My presentation for the Communications Policy and Research Forum 2010 on “What will the Apple iPad deliver for newspapers?” can now be downloaded from the CPRF site. It can also be accessed here.

Where established news media got the Internet wrong

Written by Terry Flew on March 14, 2010

This analysis of the stages of traditional news media’s interaction with the Internet by Tom Crampton from Ogilvy:

* – 1995-99 Communications: During this period, the Internet facilitated the internal communications of news providers; for example correspondents could communicate with the home bureau through email, greatly reducing time. The web, however, was not at this point seen as a way to distribute or research news.
* – 2000-2004 Research: The Internet developed into an

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