Written by Terry Flew on September 26, 2008

Internet guru Vinton Cerf on the future of newspapers:

Newspapers in the future

“I’d like to suggest to you that the term newspaper should be broken into two parts, news and paper. The paper part needs to be put aside for a moment, as it is only one of many potential distribution methods. The news engine is independent of the delivery mechanism, or it should be…. when you move into the online environment you know that deadline is a bit of a

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ANZCA08 Conference – Power and Place, Wellington, NZ

Written by Terry Flew on July 9, 2008

I am in wintry Wellington in New Zealand for the Australia and New Zealand Communications Association (ANZCA) conference for 2008.

The theme of the conference is “Power and Place”, and the keynote presentation this morning was by Maxwell McCombs, the pioneer of agenda-setting research. He was presenting a 40-year retrospective of the “Chapel Hill studies”, as they are known, of agenda-setting in relation to the 1968 US Presidential elections.

One point that McCombs emphasised was that agenda-setting methodologies have been moving beyond

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Citizen News

Written by Terry Flew on May 23, 2008

A new channel on YouTube for citizen journalists called Citizen News has been announced. You can find out about it here.


The YouTube Citizen News page can be found here

Also check out DigitalJournal TV here