News corporation’s paywall plans

Written by Terry Flew on June 9, 2011

My comments on plans announced by News Corporation to develop a paywall for The Australian and other newspaper publications can be found here. Thanks to The Conversation for the opportunity to comment.

“I don’t think this is coming from a business model that is ‘We are pretty sure this will work.’ I think it’s driven more by the sense that the existing strategies are unsustainable in the long term,” said Terry Flew, Professor of Media and Communications at the Queensland

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What will the Apple iPad deliver for newspapers?

Written by Terry Flew on November 22, 2010

My presentation for the Communications Policy and Research Forum 2010 on “What will the Apple iPad deliver for newspapers?” can now be downloaded from the CPRF site. It can also be accessed here.

Will the iPad save newspapers?

Written by Terry Flew on April 27, 2010

Below is a presentation I gave to the Smart Services CRC one-day symposium in Sydney on April 21. One observation made was that I did not answer my own question!

21 april presentation flew i-pad

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