Exit, Voice and Loyalty

Written by Terry Flew on December 28, 2012

The development economist Albert Hirschman died recently, at the age of 97 after a remarkable life. A socialist activist in Germany in his youth, and actively engaged in the Resistance in France during WWII, he went on to be one of the world’s leading development economists and, from the 1960s onwards, one of the sharpest critics of that field. Discussions of his contribution can be found here and here, so I have provided below an excerpt from my 2010 paper,

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Diana Oblinger, EDUCAUSE, presentation to QUT 1 April 2011

Written by Terry Flew on April 1, 2011

QUT Vice Chancellor’s Forum 1 April, 2011

Diana Oblinger, President and CEO, EDUCAUSE

* need for “uncommon thinking” – organizational innovation lags behind technological innovation -current models in education will not meet upcoming challenges

Four major challenges
1. Success is now based on how fast you learn, more than what you know – creation nets (Hagel & Brown) – how to design education for finding people and knowledge
2. What would Google do? – aggregation and “big data”
3. The essence of strategy is choosing what

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Charles Leadbeater presentation in Brisbane for EIDOS 21 Sept

Written by Terry Flew on September 21, 2009

I had a 5am start this Monday morning to get in the car and head 50km to Brookwater Golf Club for breakfast at 7am on a Monday morning, as you do. The reason why myself at 99 other luminaries hit the Ipswich Motorway this morning was to hear the British writer, thinker and former Blair government advisor Charles Leadbeater present on The User-Generated State: Public Services 2.0.

The presentation was brought to us by the EIDOS Institute, headed by Bruce Muirhead,

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