Resurrecting Media Imperialism

Written by Terry Flew on May 24, 2012

This is a copy of the paper prepared by Colin Sparks at Hong Kong Baptist University for the ICA Virtual Conference. I will be on in the same session of the Global Communication and Social Change Division of the ICA 2012 conference in Phoenix this Friday.

I think that Sparks’s paper makes a vitally important contribution on two levels. First, he correctly reasserts the vital and ongoing role of the state in shaping the media and communications landscape. Global media

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The Cultural Economy Moment now in Cultural Science

Written by Terry Flew on November 19, 2009

My paper “The Cultural Economy Moment?”, first presented as a keynote at Murdoch University in Perth, is now accessible from the online journal Cultural Science. Thanks to John Hartley, Eli Koger and anonymous referees for feedback on this.

The full paper can be accessed here. The abstract is below:

This paper explores the rise of cultural economy as a key organising concept over the 2000s. While it has intellectual precursors in political economy, sociology and postmodernism, it has been work undertaken in

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Michel Foucault, The Birth of Biopolitics – Chapter Twelve

Written by Terry Flew on October 24, 2009

• ‘Homo economicus strips the sovereign of power inasmuch as he reveals an essential, fundamental and major incapacity of the sovereign, that is to say, an inability to master the totality of the economic field. The sovereign cannot fail to be blind vis-à-vis the economic domain or field as a whole. The whole set of economic processes cannot fail to elude a would-be central, totalizing, bird’s-eye-view’ (p. 292).

• Possible solutions were : (1) to

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