Have think tanks had their day?

Written by Terry Flew on September 9, 2008

Gerry Hassan argues in Open Democracy that, with the declining fortunes of New Labour in Britain, that the ‘think tank’ has had its day, at least as a vehicle for policy and ideas on the left.

He argues that while think tank such as DEMOS and the IPPR had an impact in the early days of New Labour, this impact has declined. Moreover, he argues that the model inherently leads to elite ‘capture’ of the policy process, as think tanks invariably

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ANZCA08 Conference – Power and Place, Wellington, NZ

Written by Terry Flew on July 9, 2008

I am in wintry Wellington in New Zealand for the Australia and New Zealand Communications Association (ANZCA) conference for 2008.

The theme of the conference is “Power and Place”, and the keynote presentation this morning was by Maxwell McCombs, the pioneer of agenda-setting research. He was presenting a 40-year retrospective of the “Chapel Hill studies”, as they are known, of agenda-setting in relation to the 1968 US Presidential elections.

One point that McCombs emphasised was that agenda-setting methodologies have been moving beyond

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