Crisis Communication in the news

Written by Terry Flew on February 12, 2016

Here is the story that appeared on ABC News to coincide with the launch of our report:

Flew, T., Bruns, A., Burgess, J., Ben-Harush, O., Potter, E. & Newton, J., 2015, Support Frameworks for the Use of Social Media by Emergency Management Organisations – Policy Report, QUT Digital Media Research Centre/Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management.

The end of solitude

Written by Terry Flew on October 2, 2014

An excellent summary of day 1 of the Digital Transformations, Social Media Engagement and the Asian Century conference at QUT has been prepared by James Dillon, and can be found here. This conference was an International Communications Association regional conference held in Brisbane from 1-3 October 2014.

Social Media in Times of Crisis

Written by Terry Flew on November 18, 2013

I presented on the uses of social media such as Twitter by emergency management officials and media at the International Communications Association Regional Conference in Shanghai, China. The paper can be accessed here. There was a slight delay in posting due to the overzealous management of social media in the PRC, which extends to the incendiary media that is Powerpoint.

Ica shanghai presentation nov 13 from Terry Flew