Creative Suburbia: The Australian Case

Written by Terry Flew on December 28, 2011

My paper “Creative suburbia: Rethinking urban cultural policy- the Australian case” will be published in the Intenrational Journal of Cultural Studies in 2012, but a pre-publication copy can be accessed here. The abstract for the paper is below:

This article considers the question of whether creative workers demonstrate a preference for inner cities or suburbs, drawing upon research findings from the ‘Creative Suburbia’ project undertaken by a team of Australian researchers over 2008–2010 in selected suburban areas of Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Seeing the Outer Suburbs

Written by Terry Flew on December 14, 2011

This paper, co-authored with Christy Collis and Simon Freebody, will be published in Regional Studies in 2012. It is available from the Taylor & Francis web site.


This paper draws upon quantitative and qualitative research into Australian cities to question the assumption that creative industries workers inherently seek to cluster in inner-urban areas. It challenges this foundational assumption by combining a critical application of the location quotient analysis of major Australian cities with qualitative research drawn from interviews with creative

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Washing the car or torching the car?

Written by Terry Flew on August 30, 2011

My article in M/C Journal “Right to the City, Desire for the Suburb?” is now available. Some may have heard the argument before; it has been developed through the “Creative Suburbia” ARC Discovery project that has also involved Christy Collis, Mark Gibson, Emma Felton, Phil Graham, Anna Daniel and Angela Lin Huang. The team were the editors of the current M/C issue.

For those not familiar with it, the conclusion is outlined below:

The assumption that the creative industries are best

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