Economic Prosperity, Suburbanization and the Creative Workforce

Written by Terry Flew on March 10, 2011

This paper considers the changing relationship between economic prosperity and Australian suburbs, noting that what has been termed “the first suburban nation” has been experiencing an intensification of suburban growth in the 2000s, in the context of economic globalization.

Spaces and Flows – Day 2 plenary – Edward Soja

Written by Terry Flew on December 6, 2010

The Day 2 plenary with Edward Soja commenced late because he was jetlagged after a flight from London and slept in. Ah, the perils of globalisation – zombie academics wandering around hotel foyers, jetlagged and drugged up on sleeping pills. I blame neo-liberalism myself.

Ed Soja’s presentation was Powerpoint-free as he now travels with an iPad. His current areas of research interest are based around the premise that this is an extremely interesting time to be studying cities. He asserts

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Creative Suburbia Symposium: Podcasts now available

Written by Terry Flew on November 28, 2010

The podcasts from the Creative Suburbia Symposium held at QUT on 29-30 September are now available. Simply click on the links from the program below, or visit the conference site.

Thanks to Mimi Tsai for her work in editing the sound files, and to Nick Caldwell for his assistance with hosting.


Day 1 includes:


Rob Shields: Creating New Suburbs


* Fiona Allon
“Small brick

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