The nice side of Twitter

Written by Terry Flew on September 10, 2015

I must say I am often someone who wonders about Twitter. While I work with some of the world’s leading researchers into Twitter, such as Axel Bruns and Jean Burgess, I am also sympathetic to the view that it can be a platform for planetary level public shaming and virtue signalling.

We should not necessarily criticise people for engaging in low-cost forms of public participation. As Barbie Zelizer has recently noted, responses to images such as that of the body

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Social Media in Times of Crisis

Written by Terry Flew on November 18, 2013

I presented on the uses of social media such as Twitter by emergency management officials and media at the International Communications Association Regional Conference in Shanghai, China. The paper can be accessed here. There was a slight delay in posting due to the overzealous management of social media in the PRC, which extends to the incendiary media that is Powerpoint.

Ica shanghai presentation nov 13 from Terry Flew

Internet advocacy – do insults really work?

Written by Terry Flew on July 23, 2012

Below is a Twitter post from Geordie Guy, reposted by Mark Newton, on the Australian Law Reform Commission web site after it was posted that I had won a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence at QUT for my work on the National Classification Scheme Review.

Both Guy and Newton are well-know Internet free speech advocates, with Guy periodically appearing on Sunrise and contributing to New Matilda and the ABC’s The Drum web site. Guy was also until recently a Vice-Chair of

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