Media 2010 – Everyblock, Hulu and Al Jazeera

Written by Terry Flew on February 22, 2010

A session at Media 2010 that I had been particularly looking forward to was the talk by Adrian Holovaty. Adrian is a geek – geeky haircut, geeky clothes, bad jokes etc. – but with the Everyblock site he pioneered the use of otherwise random government data for social media purposes.

How reliable is the information from Iran?

Written by Terry Flew on June 17, 2009

Good article from The Guardian about the issues arising about how to determine the reliability of information coming through from Iran via social media sites.

The internet is a brilliant machine for spreading information. Data shoots across the network at the speed of light, passing from one node to another. It’s unmotivated by fear or repression or greed, and can shine a torch into the darkest corners to help bring what was hidden to the world.

The uprising in Iran has been

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