Will Higher Education be a GFC Casualty?

Written by Terry Flew on May 5, 2009

Professor Simon Marginson from the University of Melbourne predicts that Rudd Government promises on higher education will be a casualty of the budgetary deterioration from the global financial crisis (GFC), and the worsening budget deficit. Marginson points out how this involves a significant breaking of promises, and a failure to reverse the patterns of the Howard years.

He also points out how underfunding of Australian universities has driven behaviour, espeically

in relation to research and international student enrolments.

The real story is

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Getting Published

Written by Terry Flew on March 6, 2009

Some useful advice from the most recent International Communications Association newsletter on getting published, particularly aimed at graduate students. With the growing competition for academic jobs, and university funding increasingly based on research outputs, this advice is timely indeed.

Simple Tips for Publishing: A Brief OverviewMikaela Marlow, U of Idaho and Michele Khoo, Nanyang Technological U

(Adapted from Bourne, P.E. (2005) Ten simple rules for getting published . PLoS Computational Biology, 1(5), 341-342.)

Most graduate students

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Its now safe to go back onto a university campus

Written by Terry Flew on December 5, 2008

After receiving a grand total of 69 submissions, the Senate Committee established to investigate allegations of left-wing bias on Australia’s university campuses found the claims were not substantiated. Established in the dying days of a Liberal-National party majority in the Senate, the Committee split along party lines.

What started as a campaign by the Young Liberals against left wing bias as ended with no recommendations, with the committee dismissing the evidence as anecdotal and unrepresentative.

But both Labor and Coalition senators

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