Who did Iggy Pop vote for in the U.S. election?

Written by Terry Flew on November 9, 2008

“I’ve been waiting for someone who could communicate the joys of liberty as compared to the joys of equality”, Iggy Pop in Zigzag magazine, on why he supported Ronald Reagan, quoted in Joe Ambrose, Gimme Danger: The Life and Times of Iggy Pop, Omnibus Books, 2004, p. 199.

James Osterhaus (Iggy Pop) may not be history’s most unlikely Republican supporter. He gets stiff competition from Eldridge Cleaver, co-founder of the Black Panthers, exiled from the U.S. in Algeria and Cuba during

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Satire and the ’08 Campaign

Written by Terry Flew on November 5, 2008

Delighted to see Barack Obama win the US Presidential election. This is an election campaign that will be studied at a lot of levels for a long time. In fact, Barack Obama fought two tough campaigns, with the Democratic Party nomination against the wily and well-organised Clintons preceding the Presidential battle. At a first pinch, some of the lessons I would take form it for any future political campaigns are:

The use of the Internet and particularly Web 2.0 technologies;
The opportunity

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Rise of the Obamacons

Written by Terry Flew on October 24, 2008

This from The Economist. This trend was very much apparent when I was in the U.S., and John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as running mate and the nasty (and scatty) nature of the Republica campaign seems to have confirmed the trend of conservatives and libertarians shifting their support to Barack Obama.

IN “W.”, his biopic about his Yale classmate, Oliver Stone details Colin Powell’s agonies during George Bush’s first term. Throughout the film Mr Powell repeatedly raises doubts about the

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