Farewell the Reagan Republicans

Written by Terry Flew on October 23, 2008

An interesting feature of the US Presidential election campaign has been the extent to which the ‘Reagan coalition’ has been falling apart, and how the Republican Party has lurched ever further to the far right. This is despite the fact that John McCain’s best hope was to steer the party towards the centre and try and capture the large number of ‘Clinton Democrats’ who remained wary of Barack Obama until Sarah Palin appeared on the scene. It is also why

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Patchwork Nation

Written by Terry Flew on October 17, 2008

I’m not usually a reader of the Christian Science Monitor, but they have developed a really interesting angle on the 2008 U.S. election through the ‘Patchwork Nation‘ site. What it does is divide up the various counties and populations of the United States into 11 categories, and have a person blog about how the campaign is being viewed in a city or county that is representative of the whole.

The eleven categories, which have roughly proportionate shares of the U.S. population,

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Its the economy what done it

Written by Terry Flew on October 10, 2008

US Presidential election trend polling data from Nate Silver’s five-thirty-eight site. The spike in Obama’s support coincides with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Unless there is something really hidden in the American voter psyche, this is starting to look like a win to Obama on a significant scale.