Satire and the ’08 Campaign

Written by Terry Flew on November 5, 2008

Delighted to see Barack Obama win the US Presidential election. This is an election campaign that will be studied at a lot of levels for a long time. In fact, Barack Obama fought two tough campaigns, with the Democratic Party nomination against the wily and well-organised Clintons preceding the Presidential battle. At a first pinch, some of the lessons I would take form it for any future political campaigns are:

The use of the Internet and particularly Web 2.0 technologies;
The opportunity

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Farewell the Reagan Republicans

Written by Terry Flew on October 23, 2008

An interesting feature of the US Presidential election campaign has been the extent to which the ‘Reagan coalition’ has been falling apart, and how the Republican Party has lurched ever further to the far right. This is despite the fact that John McCain’s best hope was to steer the party towards the centre and try and capture the large number of ‘Clinton Democrats’ who remained wary of Barack Obama until Sarah Palin appeared on the scene. It is also why

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Obama’s cool campaign

Written by Terry Flew on October 20, 2008

There are two weeks until the U.S. Presidential election votes occur, but the Presidential debates are over, and the odds of a win for Barack Obama are shortening by the day. Moreover, it appears very likely that the Democrats will increase their House majority and get a majority in the Senate, so Obama will most likely govern with a very supportive Congress for his first term as President.

It struck me while watching the third Presidential debate that a part of

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